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Martins Hill Stable, under the leadership of Graeme, began as a modest establishment and has evolved into a prominent force in the horse racing world. The stable’s success can be attributed to its dedicated team, state-of-the-art facilities, and unwavering commitment to providing exceptional care for every horse in training. With 80 well-designed boxes and an array of top-notch amenities, Martins Hill Stable ensures that each horse has the opportunity to reach its full potential.



The stable’s facilities are organised into four distinct yards: the Main Yard, Another Raleagh Yard, Front Yard, and Top Yard. Each stable is constructed with stone walls up to a height of 8′, with Yorkshire boarding above, promoting a free flow of ventilation. The open central passage in each yard further enhances ventilation, and rubber floors contribute to the overall comfort of the horses.


A key feature at Martins Hill Stable is the covered Claydon horse walker located at the centre of the yards. This walker proves invaluable for warming up and down, as well as aiding in the recovery of horses from injuries. The yards are surrounded by two meticulously resurfaced gallops, “The Hill” and “The Round,” providing different terrains and depths to suit various training needs and seasonal conditions.


Martins Hill Stable boasts a 40-acre schooling field adjacent to “The Hill,” where horses are trained over a variety of obstacles. From lines of logs and tyres for youngsters to traditional hurdles, rubber hurdles, and Easifix brush hurdles for experienced horses, the schooling field prepares horses for the diverse challenges found on British racecourses. Additionally, there are full-size Easifix chase fences, including an open ditch, replicating racecourse obstacles.

The stable’s dedication to comprehensive training extends to a 3f all-weather schooling lane alongside “The Round,” equipped with interchangeable Easifix brush hurdles and fences. This lane serves as a crucial space for schooling exercises.


An outdoor school measuring 60m x 25m, with an all-weather Martin Collins surface, is used for warm-ups before exercise, breaking and educating youngsters, teaching jumping basics, and conducting flat work with older horses. This versatile space is an integral part of Martins Hill Stable’s training regimen.


Recognizing the importance of relaxation and downtime, the stable incorporates paddocks into its training regime. Sixteen day paddocks adjacent to the yards allow horses individual turnout after exercise, while over 120 acres of larger paddocks offer expansive areas for horses to enjoy longer breaks.

Martins Hill Stable’s commitment to excellence, combined with its exceptional facilities, positions it as a leader in the horse racing community, with a track record of significant success in recent seasons.

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