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After weeks of training and preparation, we were all ready and in waiting to see Beep Beep Burrow make his debut at the 3:30 Sky Bet Good Luck Beep Beep Burrow National Hunt Flat race. Unfortunately on the morning of the race, the team at Highbeck Lodge found Beep Beep Burrow lame in his box and unable to race. 

Neil Mechie the resident vet at Jedd O’Keeffe’s yard was called on for an assessment of Beep Beep. Neil identified a swollen pectoral muscle, possibly caused by an infected hair follicle or foreign object that has led to inflammation and soreness.

Beep Beep Burrow has been set on a course of antibiotics to help flush the infection out and reducethe inflammation. Although this meant Beep Beep Burrow couldn’t make the race on the 10th, Beep Beep should make a full and speedy recovery. 

So much so, that we have already scouted a race at Doncaster on the 28th of January. We’ll be sure to keep our members updated on his recovery and details on the revised race date. 

But the race on the 10th didn’t go completely in vain. Both Rob and Lyndsey Burrow who planned to attend Beep Beeps’ debut, stayed to watch a day of some fantastic racing. Together, they presented the winner’s trophy to Wilmount, and trainer Neil Mulholland, in the 3:30pm race – the same race we had high hopes for Beep Beep. 

We wanted to congratulate all of the winners as well as the other horses and jockeys that took part at Doncaster that day. A big well done to Craig Nichol, the jockey we planned to mount Beep Beep for the 3:30 race, who had a brilliant win with The Questioner in one of the day’s earlier races. 

So it’s recovery and rest for Beep Beep Burrow, but we’ll be back soon – and when we are, it will be even sweeter.

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