About this charity fundraiser

How is The Good Racing Co. different, and why should I get involved?

The Good Racing Co. is a unique fundraising business that invites people to become members of a special horse racing club for 12 months at a time to raise funds for good causes through the medium of horse racing.

The profits raised from membership sales in each horse are donated to the partnered good causes. In the case of Beep Beep Burrow profits will be split between The Rob Burrow 7 Discretionary Trust and The MND Association; and for Go Go Chicago they will be split between Racing Welfare and Racing to School.

Members of The Good Racing Co. will receive regular updates on their chosen horses and good causes as well as the business itself; including exclusive member content on our website. They will also have the chance to enter competitions and win tickets to race days and training yard visits.

How much money from my £60 membership goes to the good cause?

All the profits from membership and sales including race winnings are split between the horses’ partnered good causes.

Which good cause is the campaign supporting, and how will they spend the money?

Beep Beep Burrow will raise funds for The Rob Burrow 7 Discretionary Trust and The MND Association. This will support Rob and his family with the day to day challenges of living with MND, while also helping to fund vital research into the disease itself.

Go Go Chicago will raise funds for Racing welfare and Racing to School. The money raised will go to support those working in the racing industry in hard times and also help promote racing to young people.

Is anyone or any business making profit from this initiative?

No individual or business is making any profit from this fundraising campaign.

How involved are the good causes in the fundraising campaign?

Each good cause is partnered with their own horse and are involved in every aspect of the campaign, from the horse’s name to the logo on their merchandise.In the case of Rob Burrow, he was involved from the outset and he’s given his wholehearted approval.The idea was presented to him by his close friend Barrie McDermott who has kept Rob abreast of all of the developments. Rob has met Burrow Seven and now also Beep Beep Burrow at the stables and he regularly looks forward to seeing the horse in action on the racecourse.

Who is supporting the campaign?

The Good Racing Co. is helped by ambassadors and supporters from all walks of life. From former rugby legends like Barrie McDermott, Adrian Morley and Paul Scullthorpe MBE, to presenters and broadcasters such as Danica Priim and Simon Mapletoft as well as figures from the world of racing like trainers Jedd O’Keeffe, Graeme McPherson and Fergel O’Brien as well as Jockeys like Paul Hannagan and our newest ambassador, apprentice jockey, Taylor Fisher. These, along with corporate and business members and our partnered good causes like The MND Association, The Rob Burrow 7 discretionary Trust, Racing Welfare and Racing to School all help and support The Good Racing Co. in raising vital funds and awareness for our partnered good causes.

Whose idea was the campaign?

The original Burrow Seven campaign idea was conceived by Phil Hawthorne, founder of Racing4Business which is an innovative business networking organisation that encourages businesses to win new clients through the thrill of owning a racehorse. Phil is passionate about two things:Horse Racing and Rugby League and has since expanded the original Burrow Seven campaign to form The Good Racing Co. which now has 2 horses and partners with 4 good causes, with more on the way.

Racing4Business do not make any money from any of The Good Racing Co. campaigns as all profits go to our partnered good causes.

About racing clubs

What is a racing club and how does it work?

A racing club facilitates the experience of racehorse ownership. The racing club owns the racehorse. Members of the club will have no ownership rights, but they will enjoy all the drama and excitement of being an owner, as well as the pride that comes from supporting good causes.

Are there any additional maintenance costs for the horse that I’m expected to pay?

No. Members only need to pay the £60 membership fee.

What happens to the prize money The Good Racing Co. receives for winning or being placed in races?

All prize money raised by The Good Racing Co. will be included as income for profit calculation purposes.

How often will I receive updates about the horse I’ve sponsored?

Members will receive updates about the horse’s development and performance at least once a month via email plus regular weekly updates on various social media platforms. Alongside updates of any race fixtures, there will be frequent videos by the trainer allowing members to watch him on the gallops and observe his form.

The Good Racing Co. members will also receive regular updates from Racing Welfare and Racing To School about the great work they are doing, helped by your support.

How long will my membership last?

Beep Beep Burrow memberships start on the 1st January each year and end on the 31st December.

Go Go Chicago memberships start on the 1st October each year and end on 30th September.

Memberships can be purchased throughout the year for £60 but will all finish on the dates above.

Will I gain free entry at the racecourse to watch my horse race?

Members will be given the opportunity to enter prize draws throughout the year to win tickets and badges and to watch their horse from the owners and trainer’s enclosure on race days, with full use of the owners and trainers facilities.

We aim to give 100 members this exclusive opportunity throughout the year.

Buying a membership

Can I buy a membership as a gift?

Yes, you can buy a membership on behalf of someone else – it makes a unique gift for birthdays, Christmas, or any other occasion.

Can I buy more than one membership?

Yes, you can buy memberships to as many horses or causes as you like, and up to 10 memberships in total including gift memberships.

What do I receive when I become a member?

You will receive an immediate confirmation email once your payment has been received. Members will then receive a welcome pack through the post which includes a letter of thanks from us and associated charities, a certificate of membership, a photo of your horse, a vehicle vinyl and an enamel pin badge. Please note that the pack may take up to 15 working days to arrive after receipt of order.

Members will also receive regular email updates about the horse’s training progress, upcoming races and performance, as well as news from the associated charities.

How do I register my membership?

If you are purchasing a membership for yourself then membership is complete as soon as you have purchased the membership and there is nothing else for you to do. If you are purchasing a membership as a gift, then the recipient will receive instructions on how to register their membership in their welcome pack.

The gift recipient must complete the registration to receive future emails about the horse, The Good Racing Co., Racing Welfare and Racing To School.

What happens next?

What happens at the end of the year when my membership expires?

Members will be sent reminders about renewing their membership in the weeks before their membership expires. Members can then purchase a renewed membership for the coming year as normal. It will depend on which horse membership has been purchased as to when the renewal will be due as each horse is different.